Some, though certainly not all, fantasy settings feature humanoid races of equal or greater standing than the Humans themselves. This chapter generalizes a few of the more common ones. Gamemasters can modify these generic characters to suit their setting or use them to design their own non-Human races.

When creating a new racial template, every character based on that species must have certain background Special Abilities, Disadvantages, and possibly Advantages. However, enough points should remain with which the player may customize the character. Usually, the character ends up with more options than normal for the average person in the game setting, but fewer than if the player had stuck with Human. (Experienced members of the race should have more skills and, perhaps, higher levels of the template’s Special Abilities and Disadvantages.)

When making new packages, to help them balance with what’s available to Humans, account for any potential alteration to attribute minimums and maximums through Special Abilities and Disadvantages.

Regardless of the race, unless they take the Language Problems Disadvantage, characters can speak Trade Speech and their native language.

Players may overlay the packages on any other character template. Disadvantages received from these packages do not count toward the maximum number of Disadvantages set by the gamemaster. Body Points for “typical” characters were added to a gamemaster’s character base of 10.

Fantasy Offshoots

Reptile Folk

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