Metaphysics Skills


This skill is the focus of energy within or around one for protecting them self or others or even harming others. This is usually done by modifying damage or Armor Value or generating a new damage or Armor Value.


This skill allows a character to detect anything in existence. The character can learn about their surroundings, or touch and influence the minds of others. Sense can modify Knowledge and general Perception attempts; modify command, con, investigation, persuasion, search, trading or Knowledge-related skills, especially to discern specific information.


This skill can be used to move things from one location to another, changing a target's natural capabilities, or to temporarily alter people or things. Some effects include: modifying a skill or attribute except general Perception uses (command, con, investigation, persuasion, search, trading or Knowledge-related skills); adding additional levels of Special Abilities the target already has; giving a target a new Special Ability, Disadvantage, or Advantage; placing Limitations or Enhancements on an existing Special Ability; moving targets; or modifying a target's Move value.

To move a target, the skill total has to overcome the target's weight value. The target can resist by rolling their Strength or lift and adding it to their weight difficulty (in theory, they try to make themselves harder for the manipulation to grasp. Resisting doesn't count as an action for the target character). If the transform total is equal to or higher than the modified manipulation difficulty, the character is moved. This is also true for self-teleportation (without the resistance, of course).

Weight Difficulty
1 kg 1
10kg 3
50 kg 7
100 kg 12
120 kg 13
200 kg 17
250 kg 18
500 kg 23
750 kg 28
1000 kg (1 ton) 33
+1 to base of 33 per 100 kg over 1000 kg
2500-10,000 kg 44-59
+ 1 to base of 43 per 500 kg over 2000 kg
15,000-100,000 kg 60-77
+1 to base of 59 per 5000 kg over 10,000 kg
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