• Move: This number (usually 10) represents how many meters your character moves in a round at maximum walking speed in standard (1 g) gravity. (The running skill can increase this rate. It also serves as the base for other movement skills.) Should the character have a different sort of movement than normal (such as fins for legs), see the Hindrance Disadvantage (described in the “Character Options” chapter) for information on how to account for this variability.
  • Special Points: Players’ characters typically start the game with one Fate Point and five Character Points. You can spend these points to improve your character’s chance of succeeding in especially difficult situations. (The mechanics of this are discussed in the “Game Basics” chapter.) Character Points alternatively are used to permanently improve skills. Your character earns more Character and Fate Points by having adventures. There is no limit to the number of Character or Fate Points your character may have at any time.
  • Body Points
    • Wounds
    • Strength Damage
  • Funds
  • Equipment: Players of starting characters may select one small weapon and a little protective gear plus a few tools of their characters’ chosen trade, unless there is equipment already listed on the template sheet. Some basic equipment is explained in the “Equipment” chapter; the gamemaster may allow other options.

  • Character Features and other Details
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