Each character has seven attributes, which measure basic physical and mental abilities that are common to every living creature (and some nonliving things), no matter what universe or dimension they exist in.

  • Reflexes: (Agility) Measure of balance, limberness, quickness, and full-body motor abilities.
  • Coordination: Measure of hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.
  • Physique: (Strength) Measure of physical power and ability to resist damage.
  • Knowledge: (Intellect) Measure of strength of memory and ability to learn. (Willpower could also be related in terms of mental defenses.)
  • Perception: (Acumen) Measure of mental quickness and attention to detail.
  • Presence: (Charm or Charisma) Measure of emotional strength, physical attractiveness, and personality.
  • Extranormal: Measure of a character’s extraordinary abilities, which could include psionics, magic, or other extranormal talents. It is often listed by its type, rather than by the term “Extranormal.” Most characters begin with a score of 0D, since people with such abilities are extremely rare. Those who have an Extranormal attribute must decide how it’s manifested. Characters almost never have more than one Extranormal attribute.

Attribute Conversion for Characters:

Attribute Conversion
Adventure Fantasy Space D6 System
Reflexes Agility Agility Reflexes
Knowledge Intellect Knowledge Knowledge/Willpower*
Coordination Coordination Mechanical Coordination
Perception Acumen Perception Perception*
Physique Physique Strength Strength
Presence Charisma Technical Charm*/Technical*
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